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World on End and Edge

8:47 AM

The end is near! Just few hours or minutes, my Blogsite of the Day Spectrum will be changed by my next Entrecard advertiser. But before the ad's time ends, let me give some highlights on Spectrum.

Whether we believe in its latest post Judgment Day, May 21st, 2011. Could it be the Beginning of the End? or not, caring for our mother earth should be every single second of the day. May be we have to think that the earth is very kind to let us have a place to live and enjoy the abundance of nature and the least we could do is to take care of what we borrow.

Going back to Spectrum's post, it tells about the calculation of the Judgment Day based on the Mayan Calendar. It provides a link for other explanation on why the end of the world is spreading.

Read more of its post aside from the latest entry like 10 Foods that are Perfect for the Brain, Beautiful Auckland, New Zealand: Travel on the Tide, and many more.



A new book has been released last week that discusses about why our world is at dangerous state. World on the Edge presents the changes happening around the globe that is beyond the norm. You could order the book or buy it in bookstores. You may also download an online copy at


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