Join the adidas King of the Road and Milo Marathon

8:28 AM

Whatever your reason, if you love to run or do the marathon, adidas and Milo invite you to join the event. They have different objectives but they both need shoes to get you going.

adidas KOTR website
adidas King of the Road 2011 runs its race in five countries across Southeast Asia. The leg first held on May 15 in Thailand and bring the race to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the championship and final leg will be held in the Philippines. All citizens and permanent residents are eligible to join the Closed category and for the championship, but foreigners could compete in the Open category. Each participant must complete the championship race distance 16.8 km and have the chance to finish two marathons at 84 km with two countries. For more detail, visit adidas KOTR website.
Milo Marathon website
Milo Philippines once again run for a cause on its 35th National Milo Marathon with advocacy Help Give Shoes. Each participant helps Milo continues its mission in providing running shoes to underprivileged children. The marathon already started its qualifying leg in Olongapo last July 17 and in Tarlac on July 24. The marathon has 18 legs across the country and the Manila Finals will be held on July 31 for Olongapo and Tarlac qualifying legs and for the rest of the marathon races on December 11. As of July 11, there are 6,700 donated and almost near the target of more than 10,000 pairs of shoes. Still interested to join? Visit Milo Marathon.


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  1. adidas.. n milo is good product...

  2. running is an easy and cheap sport, very good for reducing fat and be slim. go go gooo

  3. Hi Jingo. Yes, both of them are good products promoting sports.

    Very well said healthy society. Running or marathon won't cost much compare to other sports and yes, it's good for the health. :)

  4. Nice! My friends and I are running 5K at KOTR! We are heavy smokers and the last time we ran more than a hundred meters was fifth grade. Haha. Wish us luck! :p


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