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‘Sinister Six’ Movie Or ‘Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Hinted On Sony Pictures Brazil’s Post On Facebook?

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The Sinister Six | Photo by Christian Post
Photo by Christian Post

A recent post on Sony Pictures – Brazil on social networking site steered a buzz on the plans of the studio to either “Sinister Six” movie or the “Amazing Spider-Man 3”.

The post on Facebook showed a silhouette of Doc Ock’s arms and Vulture’s wings with status “Muitos planos… #HomemAranha”, which means in English: “Many plans… #Spider-Man”. But some others translated it as “We have plans for you… #Spider-Man”.

Whether it’s translated as ‘have plans’ or ‘many plans’, the real question is if this is meant for “Sinister Six” movie or the “Amazing Spider-Man 3”.

If this is about the anti-hero film that director Drew Goddard will be helming, then Sony is really up for the film and perhaps, is sticking to its plan. However, if the picture pertains to Spider-Man, we could sense a very confusing fate for the Web-crawler.

Many netizens replied to the post, with one netizen posted “Queremos ele nos vigandores! Se esse for o plano, eu apoio… (We want him in Avengers. If this is the plan, I support…).” Another netizen replied to the post, saying “Acontece que o homem-aranha é mais Sony que Marvel agora. Além de que nos quadrinhos, de acordo com meus conhecimentos, o homem-aranha não é Vingador até … Advinhe … A Guerra Civil! Capitão América 3: Guerra Civil (It turns out that Spider-Man is more Sony that Marvel now. In addition to that, in the comics, for what I know, Spider-Man is not an Avenger until … guess … the Civil War! Captain America 3: Civil War).”

The fate of the “Amazing Spider-Man 3” has been put into a lot of speculations since the underwhelming performance of the second sequel of Marc Webb’s Spider-Man franchise.

Sony then postponed the release date of the third installment to 2018 and decided to replace it with “Sinister Six” in 2016 time frame. But before that, Emma Stone was rumored returning to the third sequel as Gwen Stacy, with different potential plots on how she would possibly come back had also been circulating.

Just recently, a casting call from Bill Beckman Casting has been released for the “Amazing Spider-Man 3”; however, it is unknown if it is legit or not since the information it has on the release date is still 2016.

The alleged casting call also claimed that Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan take the starring roles again for the film, reprising their role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Harry Osborne, respectively.

But the most discussed among rumors is the appearance of Spider-Man in “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Avengers 3”. It was rumored that Sony Pictures and Marvel/Disney are in talks of including the Web-slinger in the movie; however, none of the studios has confirmed it yet.

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