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[Rumor] Is ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ Really Happening After The Casting Call Announced?

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A lot of rumors have been going on with “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”, and the most recent is casting call from a Bill Beckman Casting.

Sony Pictures has been very silent about the future of “The Amazing Spider-Man” franchise, except for the tentative release date of the film which is set in 2018. The third installment was supposed to hit big screen in 2016, but after the underwhelming performance of the second sequel, the plan has been changing.

The studio thinks that it is better to push for the supervillain film before Spider-Man returns slinging his Web on silver screen.

While things are not clear yet for the next sequel, Emma Stone was previously rumored to either reprise her role as Gwen Stacy or to return in the film but as Mary Jane Watson. The character of Richard Parker was also thought to be part of the “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”.

There was also a rumor on the plot of the third sequel which is the death of Spider-Man. Another one rumor is that the franchise would have a movie spinoff of Aunt May as a spy.

Because Sony Pictures does not announce any update yet about the film, others thought that the third installment might not happen if the “Sinister Six” movie flops in 2016.

But just recently an alleged casting call for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” was announced by a Bill Beckman Casting, seeking male and female extras of all races or ethnicities, ages 18 to 15.

It was also indicated in the casting call the information on the film, sort of confirming that Sony will produce the film.

Andrew Garfield, who portrayed the role of Spider-Man and Peter Parker, and Dane DeHaan, who played Harry Osborne, are in the starring actor list in the said “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” casting call.

But then the release date is in 2016, which is another confusing information since Sony Pictures had announced that it would push the third sequel in 2018.

Until Sony formally announces the status of the movie franchise, we can’t be sure if the casting call is legit.

As things go, Sony Pictures is still not on the verge of giving up the franchise but seems it wants to ensure that the next sequel will not encounter the same fate as “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

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