Bethesda's Fallout Shelter: Rooms and Shelters; Academy, Salon amazing details

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Bethesda has created the stunning rooms in its Fallout Shelter mobile game app. Check out the Academy and Salon rooms! Train your dwellers!

Just two weeks before Bethesda released the latest update of Fallout Shelter, I purchased a phone and was able to finally download game apps and other mobile apps without worrying much on my storage. So, I thought I was already behind the craze on this game since it was launched in June 2015 and I only started playing it, I think, on June 29.

Fallout Shelter made a big leap when it had released its Update 1.6 last July 14 to allow the player to look after their dwellers on the Wasteland. In the quest system that Bethesda updated, the Overseer can dispatch a team of dwellers to a quest or a dweller exploring the Wasteland can enter a cabin, shop, or store for an objective. This time, I was not late to experience this game play.

But I think they only have four areas to explore on Wasteland quests: Red Rocket Truck Shop, Super Duper Mart, an abandoned cabin, and what’s the other one?

Fallout Shelter Wasteland questFallout Shelter Dweller Wasteland Quest

Fallout Shelter QuestFallout Shelter Quest Update

Fallout Shelter Dweller quest
Fallout Shelter Vault 717 Dweller Chloe Moretz eliminates a raider in an abandoned cabin during a Wasteland quest.
I really get hooked on this game that I even planned out where to build resources rooms and how my vault would look like. The Vault has 25 layers, and you can build two 3-merged rooms and a 2-merged room with two elevators in a layer. But of course, you can experiment, which I did in the four lowest level of Vault 717. Yes, I already reached the maximum underground level of the vault. (I wonder if Bethesda would later have in the update the building system, in which you can expand more of the vault horizontally and vertically.)

Fallout Shelter Vault 717 17th to 25th Floors
Fallout Shelter allows the Overseer to build 8 rooms with 2 elevators
To note, you can have eight rooms and two elevators per layer, so having more than two elevators will lessen the number of rooms you can build per floor level.

I like the details on the rooms, particularly the Radio Studio, the Academy, the Gaming Center, the Weapons Center, the Hydrophonics, the Weapon and Outfit Workshops, and last but not the least, the Salon.

Dwellers also take time to chat while working at the Weapon Workshop.
Projector is never obsolete at the Academy.
No class today on Fallout Shelter Vault 717.
The Salon is built just below the Broadcast Center. No customer yet.
You can upgrade rooms twice; and the names of rooms will also change as well. Although I forget to list down the name as I upgrade the room the first time, so I leave them blank.

No Upgrade
1st Upgrade
2nd/Last Upgrade
Living Quarters
Power Generator
Power Station
Power Plant
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Station
Water Treatment Plant
Storage Room
Science Lab

Science Center
Radio Studio

Broadcast Center
Weapon Workshop

Weight Room
Weight Studio
Strength Center
Athletics Room
Athletics Studio
Athletics Center

Weapons Center

Outfit Workshop

Fitness Room

Fitness Center
Game Room
Gaming Center

Nuclear Reactor
Advance Reactor
Super Reactor
Water Purification
Purification Station
Purification Plant
Nuka-Cola Bottler
Nuka-Cola Station
Nuka-Cola Plant

The Living Quarters, the Residence, and the Barracks

The Garden, the Greenhouse, and the Hydrophonics


The Game Room, the Arcade, and the Gaming Center

The Athletics Room, the Athletics Studio, and the Athletics Center

The Nuclear Reactor, the Advance Reactor, the Super Reactor

After a month of playing Fallout Shelter, Vault 717 currently has 168 dwellers, including Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and many more. Next time, I will share with you the dwellers and the teams in Vault 717.

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