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My Animal Shelter Dream

6:25 PM

Whether I’m just a self-proclaimed or certified cat lover and animal sympathizer, building an animal shelter has been in my bucket list. However, I may welcome more of cats and dogs because I have more knowledge about them than any other animals.

This dream started when I once again have a chance to cuddle with furry companions in my former flame. I couldn’t take care of cat or dog in our house because we are just renting an apartment and our landlady may not allow it during time we moved in. That’s why I was really glad to always stay in his house so I could see them. I loved when they slept on my lap even though I always asked my old flame to always do what’s hardest for me, disturbing their sleep while on my lap.

Seeing stray cats, as well as homeless dogs, melts my hurt. It is difficult to look at them, especially I couldn’t do about it. When I say I couldn’t do about them being homeless it means I could not adopt them. In the country when it seems all right for dogs and cats to roam around the neighborhood, I feel I’m somehow complacent on their situation, thinking that they are still okay. Some others extend their hands to these stray furry animals by feeding them even though they don’t own them. Thus, it is a relief.

But then, it is better if they have shelter where they can eat food daily that are safe and clean. A place that gives them dirt-free beddings allows them to have a undisturbed, sweet sleep. Most importantly, they need a shelter where they temporarily call a home until they finally adopt by human parents. These are my dreams to our cats and dogs who wander around without anyone to take care of them always depending themselves from dangers.

Although the life expectancy of dogs depends on their breed and weight, they are still at risk when they have to run on the road or to look for food in mountain of garbage. Cats, on the other hand, have short life span when living outdoor because the chance of eating food dangerous to their health is high.

I don’t have enough funds to build the shelter I want for them, so I keep on thinking on the best way to gather enough cash to build it. Because cat cafĂ© seems a good idea, I believe this is the best home for them plus it will help me earn money I can use to sustain their shelter and to pay veterinarians for their regular checkup. This concept will also help me find the right human parents to provide them love and comfort.

I hope I can still think of a better idea to provide homeless cats and dogs shelter and love which at the same time help me earn to provide them food and vitamins daily.

I know I’m still far to reach my dream, I want to claim that in time it will come true.

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