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Cambodia Royal Palace | Photo by Prudence Charlz

Every time I step on the land I’ve never been or visit again the place I’ve already left my footprints, I feel a sense of bliss. It gives me a feeling of satisfaction whether I gain new friends or not, whether I take an Instagram-worth photo or not, or whether I travel alone or not.

Truly, I’ve only traveled to only a few places here in my beloved home country and abroad; but it seems I have visited a lot of places. My Singapore and Cambodia adventures were unforgettable. But I could say I had the best travel adventure in Cambodia when me and my travel buddy-sister-friend, hopped from one place to another in Siem Reap and then left our things in the hotel to have an overnight visit in Phnom Penh. We actually met a new friend, Maria, who waited for us to have dinner together. But unfortunately, we forgot to ask about her full name or her Facebook account; so sadly, we no longer had the chance to talk to her.

Five days and four nights were enough; however, we wish we had stay for more days to discover more of the beauty of Camdodia. I guess we will go back there, but we plan to hop from Cambodia to Vietnam then to Thailand and to Laos. Well, of course, if we are lucky to have a luxury of time and budget.

Personally, I still long to see Iceland and Switzerland, the countries I chose to research for a project when I was Grade 6. I don’t have any particular places to visit or things to do in the two countries, but perhaps, I research first before packing my things and travel. Anyway, I still have time to plan my itinerary if I would be fortunate to finally fly there.

Of course, I hope I can witness the cherry blossom or see Mt. Fuji in Japan. Stroll and take pictures in Tokyo Disneyland. Visit stores selling One Piece action figures or see the cosplayers of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates. I think I have more to-do list when I get the chance to travel to Japan.

I also wish I could create memories in South Korea, and visit my former students there. Would I get the chance to meet Lee Min Ho? Okay, in my dreams! Haha!

I think I can’t enumerate all the countries I wish to visit because I have so many in mind. For now, I am still wishing I could make my dreams come true someday. When I get that chance, I would definitely share my great experiences to encourage others to go out and explore.

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