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Keanu Reeves’ Drastic Change To His Look Just A Few Hours Before ‘John Wick’ Presscon In Korea

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Keanu Reeves arrived at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea last January 8 in a baggy suit, wearing facial hair like the one in his “John Wick” movie. But just hours before his press conference for the premiere of his latest action movie, a totally new-look Reeves faced the audience.

From his 14-hour flight, the 50-year-old actor appeared at JW Marriott Hotel in a clean-shaved face and gelled hair in black coat matched with sleek blue long sleeves and printed dark gray tie. After the presscon, he went to Megabox Cineplex in COEX Mall to greet his fans at a red carpet event.

Reeves returned in Korea after 7 years since he promoted his movie “Street Kings”.
The “John Wick” actor Reeves apologized many times for being late for the press conference. “I'm very sorry to be late. Joesonghabnida [죄송합니다]. So sorry,” he said during the presscon.

Keanu Reeves played the titular role who is a retired assassin but back to his guns when his beloved dog, a gift from his deceased wife, was murdered and his 1979 Ford Mustang was stolen. But the actor said, “For John Wick, he’s a hero to himself.”

“It’s not only about revenge. He’s fighting for his inner life; the grief and love he feels for his wife. It’s great to be able to play both the hero and the anti-hero,” Reeves added.

“The Matrix” actor also shared why he accepted the role for “John Wick”. “I love the script of John Wick and the character. I love how he suffers during the film and I love his passion and his will,” he said.

He continued, “And I find the humor, the action, the production design, and the great performances, so for me I felt that the tone of the pictures is something unique.”
“John Wick” premieres in Korea on Jan. 21.

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