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Spider-Man To Join ‘The Avengers 3’? No Captain America In The ‘Infinity War’?

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The future of Spider-Man in cinematic universe seems complicated than his comic life. After being linked to “Captain America 3: Civil War”, he is now rumored to appear in “The Avengers 3: Infinity War”.

If this rumor would eventually come out true, then the fate of Sony Pictures’ “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” would change. Any plans that the studio has done so far for the third sequel may depend on the Webslinger’s appearance on Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The appearance of Spider-Man in “The Avengers 3” came from claims on Latino Review. It reported the Webslinger would be returning to Marvel. It was also stated that he would be play as main character in “Infinity War” Part 1, which is set to hit theaters in 2018.

The talks of whether Peter Parker and its alter ego will be part of “Captain America 3: Civil War” has not yet been confirmed by both Sony and Marvel. Given the target release date, 2016, it seems that he could not make it on time in case the two studios have not really closed the deal yet.

Previously, Captain America and Thor characters have been rumored that they are not part of the “Avengers 3”. Hulk is also said to be not appearing in the said movie sequel. By the time the third installment of “The Avengers” has been released, it was claimed that Captain America would be dead in “Civil War” and that Thor would be spending his life in prison after “Thor: Ragnarok”.

In case, the movie needs new characters to compensate the absence of the three main characters. Spider-Man could be one of them who could put balance to the “Avengers 3”.

It was also cited in the report from Latino Review that neither Andrew Garfield nor Tobey Maguire would be playing the key role but a new character would emerge as the Webslinger in third sequel.

However, Cinema Blend reported that a Sony Pictures representative denied the rumor from Latino Review, saying that it was an “old rumor” with “no validity whatsoever”.

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