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Various blogs are now invading the Internet. You can read about news, updates, personal experiences, and tips which are just some topics and themes of bloggers and writers. There are also some blogs that captures the moments, literally. Instead of sharing their thoughts, experiences, and emotions through letters, they make photos the highlight of every post.

The header speaks well about the blogger and blog. It Can Be Anything is Mika's page of her passion to capture what her eyes see which worth to keep. Don't expect of seeing nature on her blogsite, if it is not everything then it's anything. It's sport time, though, on her latest post. Visit the site to see more what captivates her eyes.

It's not about the language, it's about the "wild lonely places" in United Kingdom that our blogger in English Wilderness would like to share. Be fascinated how he brings every images into a thousand words. He also shares videos as well. Join him in his discoveries of various places in the UK which probably even the locals haven't seen yet.

Need photos? Photography by KML is available. You may download or request for print copy; it's your choice. There are no much words to describe the site, but there are various photos that tell you about what you need. See what he got for you.

These are just three of them, wait for the next round of Capture the Moments - Photography Blogs here on Every-Witchy Way.

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