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10:11 AM

Happy January 18, 2011 everyone! There is no significant event happened in my life with this date, but just want to greet everybody a great day.

While browsing various blog sites today, one captured my attention. The header looks so attractive and bubbly. Admittedly, most of the girls would love it. It owns by a freelancer on data entry from the Philippines. I don't know exactly where she got the design or if it is customized or a template but it really looks good in the eyes.

One of the secret why visitors often pause for a while and start browsing the site is because of sort of "love at first sight." Let me elaborate this. Visitors get curious if the site has a good layout. At first glance you can capture the eyes of the visitors however it may fall in or out after reading your entries. So, blog entries always matter.

You may see for yourself if you will stop for a while by visiting Ironically Titled. Let me know what's can you say.


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