Actions Speak Louder than Ideas

11:42 AM

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I know I was gone for a couple of weeks again and back... again. I missed placing my Entrecard advertisers and hope you could forgive for this.

The time I was gone here was the time I spared for reading news about the events around the globe. I also met some of my friends which I haven't seen for a long time. Meeting them makes me realized I have to do a list on what I would like to do before turning 30 and while I am still here in this world. Yes, I do have in mind however there are things that holding me from doing them. This time I have to cut the string and head to rock the world!

Traveling is in my list. But this would need me extra income or save money first. While waiting for this to happen, I have to sit and push myself hard to finish my story and script pending for more than five years now. No typo errors here, you read it right: five years.

But five years is not long enough in terms of abandoning my hobby. For 10 years I had to stop playing drums. I lost the appetite when I was not able to continue becoming as one of school's band members after a teacher decided to let someone took my place. It was so frustrating. Since then I didn't play anymore aside from the fact that I don't own a drum set. But this time I want to get back in shape and bring music back into my life. I might be writing songs again even for my ears only.

Singing is also one of which I would like to have back even just this year. I wish to sing "Destiny" by Jim Brickman with my loved one on stage, but if there would be any other song we have to sing I would go for it so long as it'll be a duet. I also wish to dance with him in any music playing along while we were on the street that no one knows us. It has been our plan to pick at least 10 exotic foods which we will both try to eat, hope it will happen this year.

This 2011, I wish to continue learning Mandarin and Korean and add French in my list. Hope I could enrol in a class this time rather than self-learning.

I have long-term plans for myself and for my family. When I am accomplished with those I have to take a step higher, to become part of the better change in my country. I don't want to spill them out yet, this time I would like to do it on my own. There were lots of ideas in my mind that coincidentally happened that brought good things to others. There were stories I would like to write that has been written and seen on TV or silver screen before I have finished writing them. Those ideas of mine were not shared to anyone close to them, it's just that I noticed their works because I have thought that once too. No one steals my ideas, we probably just on the same wavelength. They are more diligent and hardworking and has perseverance than me. So this time, I would like to act and I will act by putting my ideas into action.

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