Cuddling Cats and Dogs

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Hello pet lovers, particularly to all cat and dog lovers. Look at your cats or dogs, say their names and tell them how much you love them. And they will meow or arf you back saying that they love you too.

Showing your love to them by cuddling, grooming, feeding, taking them for a walk, and of course giving them names are just some of the things proving that you are certified cat or dog lover. In the Cat/Dog Log, it is not just about the how to's of taking care of them but also about their health, toys and treats, and understanding more of your cats and dogs.



I once had a cat named Minnie. A very cute, pretty, ordinary cat that always woke me up at five in the morning so I could prepare for school. That was 13 years ago.

She was white with black and orange stripes in her tail and head. Minnie never slept on the floor, but always at the top of our cabinet or in the sofa if it was morning or afternoon. But she slept besides me at night complete with blanket and pillow. I remember when I bathed her, she always wanted to escape but after the chasing, she loved her smell and smooth, fine fur.

I missed her so much.


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