Good (Music + Art) = You Make My Day

7:34 PM

It's truly amazing to hear someone singing well, this makes your day. May be your lonely day could be change by the magnificent artwork telling you thousand words. But I guess being appreciated with their golden voice or talented hands makes the artists more inspired to sing or to draw. And appreciation is not only limited to music and arts.

But this time, let's limit ourselves to viewing a blog that tells you mostly about the world of music and arts in a different approach. Con Artist Trickster gives more than what these two are. It also shows appreciation to various artists with or without words. Listen, read, flashback, or think when you visit Con Artist Trickster. Find out more and see for yourself.


May be Sunday is Bruno Mars Day here at home. Not because we talk about him when this day comes, but my nephew keeps on playing and singing his song "Just the Way You Are." He even printed his copy of the lyrics so he could sing it well. Brilliant! One thing, he printed two copies for him and to his classmate. Monday, may be, is another Bruno Mars Day but in my nephew's classroom.


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