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Actually, I myself is still clueless on how I have got involved with this kind of duty. I told you, I am not a doctor or even a psychologist, but healing one's emotion is my specialization. A does of fortune telling, mind reading, analyzing situation, consultation, advising with my patients depending on their "illness" are may be some of my ways of healing.

Most of my patients want their sickness to be cured when it is still in acute stage, though I have also encountered new patients already at chronic stage that really needs a higher dosage and intensive care.

I remember one of my patients. She was nearly to chronic. She asked, "Why I've always got hurt?"

There was my hand comforting her back then when I said, "May be because you let them do that to you,"

Sometimes I doubt the words that comes out from my mouth are right for any stage of emotional sickness.

But whether acute or chronic, I always make it sure that before I leave them, they have figured out the cause of the problem. It is like helping them to see the root cause of their problem rather than telling them the possible origin.

And believe it or not, any origin of their disease, if you will see its psychological aspects, is leading to heart failure. Then of course if taken for granted, it might cause a brain damage.

So I have to think for another cure to prevent brain damage. As I have said, I am like a doctor, but I am also like Socrates. I use the Socratic Method, continualy questioning, then coming up with the answers. And then criticizing them or probably analyzation is the more appropriate word. And I find it effective and quite therapeutic.

By the way, I call them patients not because I consider them sick, but simply because I am quite a doctor for them. They come to me for a sort of consultation.

Day after day is new to me. I have new people to meet. It is amazaing and quite rewarding because some of my patients became my friends.

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