Christmas today and tomorrow

6:24 PM

Happy Christmas! After tight schedule since December came in, alas, yesterday I got rest. Today, I prepare for Christmas and surprise for my loved ones especially for my nephews and niece and of course my mama. I was able to greet my papa when he called (hope next year he'll again spend Christmas with us). My beloved nephew is excited to open his gifts that me and my significant other have given to him since December 6. Finally, it's revelation time of our gift.

My brother's family (second to the five siblings) are here and so as our little sister (though she's no longer little one :), but still our little since she's the youngest) with her son. Tomorrow on Christmas day, my brother's family (third to the five) will be joining us in celebrating the day. Our eldest brother will be spending Christmas with his wife's family, but be here to light fireworks and welcome the 2009.

I miss those Christmas times with them, the time when they are all singles. The time that we altogether were opening gifts and laughing and reminiscing the previous months of happiness and sufferings. Nevertheless, it's also nice to see them with their spouses with my nephews and niece that are playing and running into our house. Though, yeah, they're screaming and shouting while playing.

Although it will be far to long to see myself having my own child, they are all prepared, well should I say a little prepared. :) And hope that my beloved significant other, will be the one I'll be marrying and sharing times in raising our family and child. Anyways, I'll cross the bridge when I get there.

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