Christmas and Basketball

9:38 PM

A different celebration for last Christmas day for me and may be for my significant other too. Though as usual, I spent this day with my family at home, sharing stories, reminiscing the past, and laughing till we drop. But this year something has add up to my usual celebration. It was my second time Christmas with my significant other (or should I say have someone--my first and hopefully my last man I would ever love) and even though we were not together to celebrate we felt that we were still. We played Freestyle--online street basketball game.

Even though he is not really that good in playing basketball and I myself not playing anymore, we have a great teamwork with this online basketball game. We won several times and lost number of times too, but what important is that we enjoyed playing it and we even found new friends.

Tonight we are going to seek for new challenger and work on with our teamwork. It is like working on our relationship to grow more.

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