The Patient - Part 1 of 16

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I THOUGHT THAT when I knew the cure to an illness and when it struck me, I would just follow my own prescription. Yes, may be some of it I could easily apply to myself but most of the remedy would be hard.

I have prescribed a lot of medication to my patients and they were very obedient. Well, at least some of them were obedient enough to take even the partial of it.

By the way, I am not a doctor but I have patients.

I am an accountant working eight hours a day, five days a week. Every day I see numbers. Always have calculator at my side. Computer has been patiently waiting for me every day. Stacks of file ready for documentation are the usual stuff at my desk. Counting and computing figures. Preparing balance sheet and account statement. This is my life since five years ago.

But I am not bored.

Thank God that aside from dealing with numbers, there is something that broke my daily routine. On the contrary, it also happens every day and it has been my duty since high school. May I mention that sometimes I am on-call for some sort of emergency? Yes, like any doctor there are patients that need an immediate attention. So I have to excuse myself in the office. Glad that my boss allows me with this set up. Anyway, emergency cases are not on daily basis.

Aside from that, I am receiving phone calls not lower than five everyday. My email inbox has bunch of message everyday, too. And oh, not to mention letters I am receiving at the office. A little rest and privacy are important to me which is why I preferred not to give my home address to anyone aside from my close friends. Meeting my new patients somewhere else would be fine.

I know you are quite curious now so I will tell you what “my other duty is”.

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