My Students will be Visiting the Country

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Roughly two years ago, I was in a never-I-imagine-I-would-do job, but it was a noble job. A teacher. At that time (I think even today) ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching is in-demand. And accidentally, I entered this world.

My friend asked me if I have work at that time and I was actually seeking for a job since I was retrenched in my previous work due to the reason of economic crisis inside the company, it was not actually that I have discovered just recently, they just want to dissolve the editorial department and the other important unit of marketing services. But anyways, things happen for a reason.

Without further ado, my friend told me that I was going to teach arts to kids. It was an interesting job since I would still do a small part what I do with my previous job. But in my surprise I will be teaching a different nationality, which at that time I wasn't that eager.

But since I was already there and had my interview, though when I was asked when could I start I said, "Anytime." Then the general manager said, "How about, let's say this afternoon?" I swallowed and said may be on Thursday morning. Hahahaha!

And surprisingly, I learned to love them. And now they are coming back here and my friend asked if we could meet up with them. Though I am not yet saying yes, I am excited to see three of my students.

And with this job experience, I started to use my other nickname as my pen name in my current work now and I feel successful with this name rather than with my previous one that I've used in my former work.

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