My 32nd Birthday

1:15 PM

My concept for my birthday celebration is not actually new for some. I’ve read some blogs about birthdays that celebrated through acts of kindness. Instead of asking gift for themselves or throwing parties for just family and friends, they share their special day with other people they hardly know.

This coming May 31, I’ll be celebrating my 32nd birthday. I am actually excited, but at the same time nervous on the outcome. I already have 20 ways to celebrate my birthday in my list and I’m still thinking for the other 12. In the 20, 3 of which will be done by friends.

I created an event on Facebook and invited my friends to choose one, two or all of the 3 activities in honor of my birthday. I actually wish that each activity will be done by 32 of my friends since I’m turning 32 this year. I named the three activities after my three cats Husky, Fourth, and Summer. For Husky, 32 friends will give cupcakes with “Thank You.” Note to service crew. Feed stray cat or cats activity is named after Fourth. Those who will choose or already choose Summer will share a burger to less fortunate child.

I’ll share the other 29 after my birthday.

This is my first time to consider my birthday as special day unlike before that it was just an ordinary day for me. It is also my first time to celebrate it this way.

Oh, I will be writing down my 32 wishes as well. I want to really give my trust and faith that one of my wishes will be granted although the chance is actually 0%. I wish and pray it will happen. Yes, the chance is zero but I think it doesn’t mean it’s really impossible. Yeah I know it’s contrary to my belief. Hahaha! It might just be a wishful thinking, but who knows, right, it might just be an inch away from happening.

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