Husky and Tidy Cats by Purina

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This coming May 15, Husky is turning 1 year old. Time really flies. I barely notice that it’s been a year since I adopted him and started training him. I remember last year, I was quite hesitant to welcome him in our home because it was just weeks since days-old then Tim, Tom, and Tam died. Husky cried softly in front of our house as if hoping for someone to take care of him, and so I did.

Husky is now a father of 5 kittens

My mother has one condition for once again adopting a kitten: eliminate the bad odor of his/her poops and pee. I had to train Husky to use the comfort room for this kind of activities or at least do it on the tray I prepared for him. However, yes, it wouldn’t eliminate the odor. Luckily, today, I can afford to buy litter. I tried clumping litter of another brand, before I settle with Tidy Cats by Purina.

His first day at our home
Husky, and my other cats, love Tidy Cats. He easily identified that his litter tray with Tidy Cats is his place to defecate and urinate. One thing I like with it is that it is easy to clean, aside from its being bad odor neutralizer. I just have to remove the solid ones and some of the wet parts. Considering the price of around P220, I can use the 4-kg pack of Tidy Cats for 4-7 days used by 3 cats and 2 kittens. It is quite economical, unlike the first one I used.

Tidy Cats have different products, but the one I always buy is the 24/7 Performance (refer to the photo below) because it’s, I think, the only available one in our country. I can say that its 24/7-Performance claim is true. It’s a reliable product, I could say.

Although we barely can smell the bad odor, I still have to clean the tray once a week. As we all know, our cats have a very strong sense of smell, so what we can’t smell stink with them. I also love to share how good Husky is in putting off his defecation or urination every time I fail to clean the tray on time. He won’t do it anywhere, but will wait until I’m already done cleaning. That’s why I have to wake up before 6:30 a.m. even on weekends to make sure that I can clean the tray on time. Surprisingly, Husky and my other cats know when it’s weekend. They won’t wake me up until 7 a.m.

Happy birthday to Husky, my lovely and very kind cat.

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