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I don’t know much about restaurants, and I'm not a gourmet, so I always let the decision on where to eat to my friends, family, or colleagues when we have to dine in. Today, I discover (yes, discover fits the description) an eat-all-you can restaurant Sambo Kojin. As always when there’s sushi in the buffet, my stomach has to be filled with at least 10 sushi of different kinds.

Aside from sushi, I tried the tofu dish, oh my, why do I always have to forget the names of the dish that I’m eating. Pardon me, may be I’m not that keen to researching restaurants or fast food chains, but when I’m in there I just want to eat … a lot.

I also tried spicy squid, and for the first time I could really say that it was really a spicy one. I love it. What else did I try? I got a taste of a type of noodles, rice, and breaded crab stick. I know I didn’t eat that much, perhaps I was once again got overwhelmed with tons of choices in the buffet. But what can I assure you is that several kinds of sushi are waiting in the buffet to be eaten. Haha! Sorry, that’s all I can share.

Sambo Kojin has Japanese and Korean cuisines to satisfy your cravings to these two types of dishes. What are those in the buffet I bet you already have the idea, but then again it is better to visit the place to find out its menu. I can rate it from 1-5 (5 being the highest), 3.5 hehe. Why? Because I wasn’t able to taste its desserts. Kindly just taste them for me. Thanks.

You may visit its Web site first to have a view of the menu if you are not yet familiar with the restaurant. I recommend this to those who like big servings or eat-all-you-can restaurant or to those who want to celebrate their birthdays.

Enjoy eating!

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