Jason Mraz Serenades his Filipino Fans

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Last May 14, Jason Mraz took the stage for his fans in the Philippines to serenade their hearts at SMART Araneta Coliseum. He was way ready to once again let his fans sing with him at 9 p.m. Even before he sang the first song on his Manila concert tour, his fans already showed their love and excitement to hear him sing his songs and his simple and yet graceful moves.

I could see him meters away from where I was sitting, but the big screen helped me felt close to him. At the first 30 minutes of the concert, I was mesmerized by his voice and look as if no one in the coliseum aside from me and him. I couldn't sing along with him even though the whole crowd was already showing him it knows his music. I just stared at him for the whole 30 minutes. I think reality had knocked my head when I started to sing along and to feel the rhythm of his guitar and the beat of the drums. I had finally heard the wind instruments and violin played by his bandmates.

I was actually waiting for Jason to sing I Won’t Give Up and I’m Yours as these were the only songs I was confident I wouldn’t miss any word. I admit I don’t know all of his songs, even though I love him that’s why after the concert I love him more and, as what I already posted on my blogs and Facebook Wall, I fall in love with him again. Haha! Why again? It is simply because for months I forgot that I love him. (I hope that it enough reason for me to say fall in love with “again”.)

Okay, Jason also played 93 Million Miles and this line will surely make you remember the song: “Just know, that wherever you go, you can always come home.”

Jason also spoke words that made us laugh and think, like "I write a lot of love songs, and I appreciate the ladies that gravitate to my songs. I also appreciate the men who come to my concert with these ladies" followed by the song The Woman I Love; “Worrying about stuff, it works. It really works, because 99% of the things I worried about never happen.” before singing Who I Am Today.

I bet no one in the crowd ignored his “La la la” on Everything is Sound song, and I was one of those who sing on the top of their lungs and clapped their hands to join Jason singing “La la la la, Let’s all sing, La la la la, Laying it down, Everything is Sound.” The song is from his new album Love is a Four Letter Word. If I am not mistaken, Jason and his band played almost all of the songs in his latest album which by the way I Won’t Give Up received the loudest scream of appreciation from his fans in the astrodome.

At past 10:30 p.m., Jason bid us good bye and the lights turned off and they left the stage, but we all told  him (perhaps "we were all chanting" is more appropriate phrase) “We want more!” Then he and his band once again went back the stage and sang 3 more songs for us including that two songs I was expecting for him to play. The band made a very good performance on I’m Yours and received a standing ovation from us, but of course all of the songs they played during the concert were performed "awesome". It was really a fun time for all in the Araneta Coliseum. The only thing I don’t like about that experience was I didn’t have a camera to capture every moment in the concert. My camera phone once again failed me. Huhu! So, I don’t have any photos to post here. Sad!

You may view some of the highlights of the concert here. The 1:59 - 2:29 in the video is one of my favorite parts of the performance at the concert.

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