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The joy that my current job brings is learning and discovering my interest. But don’t get me wrong, of course I have also learned a lot from my previous jobs particularly with the one before this. It is just that I come to know which hobbies I would really want to pursue in the long run. You may say that I am just attached with the articles I’m writing, but I don’t think so, not really. They just awake the inner child or power or self in me. Does it make sense? :P

Anyway, just last week when I started to write about skateboarding I feel like I want to own one and try this action sport. When I was still a kid, my brother had skateboard that I thought was just a toy. So, I rode on it and pushed it then tried to turn, that was all. I never had a chance to further learn riding on the board because our house had limited space and outside was not a good idea to try it either.

Okay, so today I’m writing about longboard after my 2 articles about skateboards and Tony Hawk. I find longboard much better than the small version. I imagine myself using it when going to work which I think will cut my time from walking from the train station to the office building. In my imagination, I pretty good in pushing and turning direction and include the brake, and it's really fun. That’s the spirit! Imagining myself like that makes me really excited to get my first longboard.

This year I am planning to purchase my own bike, my first bike in case. I really want to own one since more than 10 years ago so I hope this time I would be able to buy. I might put bike on top of my list next to longboard (or probably skateboard) because I heard that longboard is much expensive than bike. So, I go for the much less expensive. Hehe!

Apart from these action sports, hope next month I might be able to enroll to dance class but I haven’t decided if Hip Hop Jazz or Jazz but definitely not Belly Dancing or Pole Dancing. I may be able to do Belly or Pole dancing, however it seems not really “me”, so I go for the one that will really define my character.

This month, I am pursuing my boxing training not to compete but to increase endurance, speed, agility, and stability. I can see how my stamina had declined after 2 months since the last I had my training. I need more carbohydrates! Oh, I’m thin so this training is not really to get me into shape or to lose weight I just need it for the reasons I have mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph.

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