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Blogsite of the Day: The Winter Lantern

4:42 PM

Love to read poem, stories, or just would like to start writing then be lighted by "The Winter Lantern" of Sylvia Winters our Blogsite of the day. Find the dragon bone in her latest entry or should I say, know what Dragon Bone poetry is all about.

Enjoy reading.



Again, it's been a long time again before I was able to write here. And I missed several blogsite on my Entrecard. I became busy since the last entry I made for every-witchy way. However with all the reminder I am receiving almost everyday for Entrecard advertisement, I made clear to myself that I should never put writing aside for this Blogsite. In this way I could thank all those who spare their time visiting, dropping, and reading every-witchy way. I truly apologize to those I failed to approve their advertisement, I would try my best to make it up to all.

But just letting you know, since our blogsite of the day is related to writing and journal, I became busy with my sort of online magazine Prudence Charlz - My Journal. Your Journal. There we could provide information about consumers and products, business and enterprise, technology, sports, food, travel, events, music, movies, career, anime, games, love and relationship, or share photos and videos. Unlike with my first launching that only talked about consumer and enterprise (but it was a success in bridging the gap between consumer and enterprise in the Philippines), the current Web site gives way for other topics that most of the people are interested to know. It could be about ordinary people or famous personalities.

If you are interested to contribute article, you may follow this link: Contribute at Prudence Charlz.

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