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10:17 PM

It was another busy week and I really failed to catch up with my Blogsite of the Day (or should I say Days?).

By the way, I usually feature a site through Entrecard advertisers for Blogsite of the Day. In case I have no advertisers, that's the only time I pick from Entrecard Droppers. But of course whether you advertise, drop, or not all, I still visit blog sites and drop as much as possible and as many blog sites as I can. It would also help find stories I would include for the Sidebar story related to my Blogsite of the Day.

May I also take this opportunity to thank all who appreciate, read, visited, and drop card Every-Witchy Way. You may also visit Prudence Charlz (My Journal. Your Journal) for news and updates. If you would like to contribute for Prudence Charlz, click here or you could create an account first then click Contact PC to send your contribution.

Thank you.

This coming week.

I would feature all the ads from my Entrecard from last week's.

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Thank you for your comments! Have a nice day!

Keep visiting Every-Witchy Way.

Prudence Charlz

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