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8:03 PM

Fasten your seat belt. We're ready for take off. But how well do I know my aircraft? Anyways, it is not necessary for you to own an aircraft just to know a bit and pieces about aviation. (But of course, in real life situation a pilot must know well not only the plane but also the wind.)

In our Blogsite of the Day, learn the specifications of each aircraft of Kosala Wijesena's entry. It has only few, but for those are interested in aviation or aircraft, those entries are useful enough to fuel your mind in this subject. Visit Aviation World and see where it will take you.

As promised, here are my previous Blogsite of the Day (from November 15 to 19) that I missed to present.

Time to get an inspiration in a very light and funny way at Comedy Plus with Sandee. As a sample from her entry today, "I'm always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to."

If you Vanguard Taxes is all about taxes, think again. You could say, business, currency trading, finance, internet business, marketing, real estate, society, stock market, and technology has something in common: tax. But see for yourself why it is Vanguard Taxes.

Get peace of mind. Meditate. Have a calm surrounding at Miracles of a Divine Bead. Rudraksha beads, as our mention it is "generally recognized by the natural deep cut lines on the surface," is the center of this blog site.

Learn about life in East Coast at Singapore by reading experiences and every day story of our blogger at East Coast Life. She has many things to share about the Lion City.

Since it is a diary, you will find diverse useful information at Welcome to My Diary. Latest entry is 5 Benefits of Wu Yi Oolong Tea. Find more.


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