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2:38 PM

If you are fond of sneaking on other people's diaries, here's your chance to stop the habit as Aimee open her diary to anyone who visits her blogsite Oddly Aimless. No more sneaking and discovering secrets in the journal for you, just keep track on her daily adventures, emotions, and discoveries. You may also find out about Lulu in her blog. Who's Lulu? Know about her (or him?) at Oddly Aimless.

Oddly Aimless started blogging last October 2010.



Diary is sort of girl's confidante. It's a no hold bar between the diary and the writer. Some prefer it with lock, some just contented hiding it under their pillow, in the cabinet, or somewhere no one will suspect there's a secret. But nowadays, the growing popularity of blogging change the trend of keeping secrets. Some use blog as their diary. This makes him or her closer to people across the globe.

But of course, we don't know if everyone who finds it will keep it within themselves. Some may took advantage but some will draw inspiration.

Nonetheless, may be it is still safe to only share things that you only want others to know. And the secrets, you can just stick with your traditional diary. Write then keep it.

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