To stay or let go

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Back in witchyprudencecharlz! It took months before I got back since I have several things I had to attend to in my absence in my blogsite. The thing I was mentioning about "It's November" has finally come, though not last November but this May 2010. Yes, I have started my very own online magazine. Or should I say, online eNewsletter. I still developing my website and while doing it, I find alternative means to start it off.

Admittedly, I was too excited despite the hardship I would be facing when I finally launched it; however, it gives me a lot of stress and pressure at this time. Even though I am willing to do it and ever want to continue, I feel like any time soon I would be collapsing and afraid that I would leave it sooner than expected.

I won't lie that I am happy writing about savings and spending or companies' improvement and innovation, however I have to earn as well to sustain my business and continue providing tips and information. And of course, for my family. In short, I need income. Even though I am willing to wait until I have established everything and eventually be gaining profit for it, it's hard when the ones you are expecting to believe, support, and help you are those the ones who you owe explanations and tell them that this line of business is not like any other products or services that are easy to sell and be trusted. And it's almost a one-man team when I shy on asking my friends to write or help me out. It's not their obligation to help, totally not. That's why I have to do it alone and avoid inconvenience to anyone. It's my personal choice to be in this business and it is I alone who should be resolving any issue.

I want to continue, yes I want. But how can I if I have to earn?

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