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8:44 PM

May be there's nothing exciting, but to know the life of two elderly women who share their lives in the town of Jericho. Want to find out their adventures? Visit Margie and Edna in their basement.

[This section is not related to my Blog of the Day, but to the word "adventures and old age"]

Before I get old, I want to fullfill all my dreams. Dream of becoming a sportswriter or sportscaster someday and then meet the living basketball living Michael Jordan and it will be a bonus to meet Scottie Pipen and of course Allen Iverson. It is also my dream to visit Switzerland and Sweden (I can't remember if I already mention here in my blog, hehe). For what reason, there's no special. But when I was in Grade 6, we have research for our country of choice and write about. And I chose Switzerland which started my interest and want to finally step on this land.

I also would like to finally run my own business, any business to help my family and others who need job. Saving the environment is also included in my dreams. I want to plant tress in the forest.

Seeing my painting in one of the famous museum would be a great achievement.

I may be couldn't cite all my dreams here, but of course the greatest of all my dreams is to make all my dreams come true and get my adventure in life fulfilling.

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  1. Thank you so much for choosing us as blog of the day. We do appreciate it.

  2. Hi. I love it that you're featuring blogs here. :)

    Keep it up.

    One suggestion: maybe you can add a screenshot of the blog.


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