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For sure you have heard the word "paganism" and some just appreciate, some like to become involved with it or practice it, and some don't like this. One blogger discusses paganism in Merry Meet, a friendly blog for pagans. Check the serious and humor side of paganism.


[This section is not related with my Blog of the Day, but to the word "witch."]

Don't know exactly when the three witch sisters story ended, but if I'm right there were 6 seasons for them. Three seasons when the eldest was still alive and three seasons when their half-sister complete the "Charmed" ones once again.

Prudence Charlz is a fun of the Charmed series, thus she got the name Prudence (I'll reveal where I get the name Charlz when I have a post related to it. :)) Eversince then I come to love her character and you know what, I got sisters with me, too. My friends from college, which I told people or when I introduced them to people I know, I always say sister-friend, likes Piper and Phoebe and believe it or not we (actually, we are still recognize as Charmed ones or the Halliwell sisters of our former Journalism classmates and we got even the name in our Yearbook) have our own grams, too. And when Prue died in the story, we felt sad. But nevertheless, I still continue to use the name Prudence.

Although, before Prudence Halliwell existence I already like the name "Prudence" when I read "The Witch of the Blackbird Pond" when I'm still in High School (actually I couldn't remember if it was from High School or Elementary days).

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