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Blog of the Day: Exchange Realities

2:18 PM

Do you love to act? Or do you love to write? But whether you love to act nor write, here's a blog for you, Exchange of Realities. Read tips or should I say learn from this blog "where gaming and writing mingle."


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Gone the days when I was writing a screenplay for nothing. Oh yes, I would still love to write screenplay and later on see it playing in silverscreen. It's not actually more for fame, but more on fulfillment. Fulfillment of having something to share with people and touch their hearts or make them laugh till they drop or become a medium for realization in life. Although I have few synopsis with me, I couldn't spare my time in making my dream into reality. It's actually a personal choice and merely seeing what are my priorities in life. But once I have managed my time well, I wouldn't hesitate to write screenplay again or if not, I would be happy if even I would publish a book. I just hope I would finish all my story lineups.

Whenever a writer feels that he or she wants to write something, he or she will just write it. He or she will let the grammar aside. The focus is not on the construction of the sentence, but on the story he or she wants to convey. After all writing is about expressing and informing people. Writing is about sharing thoughts although it is not made for everybody.

As for screenplay, it is important to give value to your story for people who will watch it and hopefully they could get moral lesson from it. Avoid putting unneccesary scene. I bet it would just ruin your story.

Keep writing. Keep sharing.

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