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May be Australia is one of the interesting places to visit. And one blogger could share to you her life in Australia while working at home as a writer and book reviewer. Enjoy reading Deborah Robinson's blog in Deb Down Under.

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Australia is one of the continents and at the same time a country. I don't know more about this country, but I'm sure it is worthy to visit this place. I was once wanted to migrate to Australia, yes just to work and live there. But at the back of my mind I realize it is still nice to be in the place where you were born. Even though my country has been receiving a lot of negative comments in terms of government and danger, I know very well that it is not the most evil place to live with. But anyways, every person has own opinion and mine is I would love to travel and explore the world, but in the end I would still like to go back to the place where I truly belong.

And speaking of Australia. Have you watched the movie Australia? I haven't seen this film, but I think it is a nice film. See how Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman join force to give life to a story lady who wants to save her inherited land met a local man who eventually helps her in her purpose and of course... they fall in love (I just think so since it is an epic, romantic film. :)). Let me know what can you say about this film.

Read about Australia. Watch Australia.

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