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I am currently browsing the net and googling my name "Prudence Charlz." It was actually for fun, nothing from my expectations that I would in Rank 1 in Google or anything. It just happy to see my name included in the search engine. And I was surprised to see my blog entry about Transformers 2 in other site,
And now, I am trying to see other website I have link.

I was silent for about a week in my blog. And I missed to thank all my advertisers and visitors. And wasn't able to reply to messages sent to me.

And to all, thank you for visiting every-witchyway even though I don't have new entry. My site is open to promote and advise, so please don't hesitate.

Time passing fast. It's March. Summer is approaching here in our country. Extremely hot with this season. But I'm sure most of us still love summer. It's time to go swimming. Summer is a great time for travelling and trekking.
I hope I could bring my family to Boracay or Puerto Galera. We haven't gone to this place and I heard how nice they were. But only if I have budget for this, we could go. I and Icki are planning to visit Baguio City or Sagada, but we have to save a lot of money. :)

Even though vacation is near for students. It is better to prepare for the next school year, especially kids. Avoid hassle in buying notebooks for your kids. Have designs that they would surely love to bring with them and encourage them to use in their writing, which means they would love to finish their lecture with their cute notebooks.
For teens, take time to choose your writing notebook with cute, one-of-a-kind design that you would love to bring every day. If you are a dog and cat lover, you would love to have a unique design that would inspire you to use your notebook and not waste it for nothing. Dogs and cats would like to help their friend like you.
Watch out when I post the designs and let me know if you want to grab some of unique designs by Khent Rick Tobil for Sterling Paper notebooks.

Postscript. Please don't fail to visit Pinoy Web Writer site and see what's in store for you. Follow this link

When it's every-witchy way it mus
t be an adviser or promoter. :)

Note: Prudence Charlz or is not related to any blog site. seeks to promote website of the advertisers and give advises to the people relating to family, friendship, love, relationship, business, career, sports, music, movies, and all stuffs and still promoting freedom of choice.

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  1. Hello Prudence Charlz,

    I give me same advice on how to advertise, so I get a Rang to google search? Every day I make a blog form but many of my blog I cant see.

    Please respond through my email add @ with advice on how.

    Thank you in advance.

    Emiliano Gonzales


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