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Two months or more. And now I'm back. Busy or I just don't give time with my blog. I don't know how many have visited my site since then and I have no time to visit others as well... no promotion. Those days of not being active here in my blog, I was in the midst of getting more involved in the creation of our new magazine that will be finally coming out this July 2009 (but most likely subscribers from Singapore will get the first hand of our first issue). I got no sleep last May 25 and still in the office in the start of May 26. I left with my colleagues at the office at 3 a.m. and got home at around 4 a.m. I just ate my breakfast as soon as I arrived home and take a nap for 15 minutes and then took a bath. And yes I was ready to go to work at 6:30 a.m. I had an event to cover so at 8 a.m. I should be at the venue. It was not really advisable to cover an event without in real shape. Though it wasn't the drowsiest day ever in my entire career, it was for me an important day to be awake every minute of the seminar. And admittedly even the lively speaker at that time did not sound a great help to stay awake. Just good thing I was able to approach people our magazine targeting to feature.

The next day I think I got more okay, though before the sleepness night I was already sick. But i should keep going. I was then joking to my colleague I have swine flu, hahaha, how bad I am. But of course they knew that I was not. My allergic rhinitis really killing my throat. Yes, I know I should be suffering from colds and keep sneezing. But since my concha, I forgot the part, almost blocking my nostrils the mucous couldn't pass through so it just give me sore throat and eventually I would suffer from tonsillopharyngitis. And it would be a time for me to have less talk or nothing at all, less stress, more sleep, more ascorbic acid, soft diet, no preservatives (on food), no catsup and soy sauce. It took for almost two weeks before I recovered. Just yesterday I felt really okay though last night, I could still feel my throat aching.

But everything is worth it. It is less than a month before the product of my and my colleagues efforts in our magazine would finally reach the aspiring managers in business, lifestyle, and society. And as part of the pioneer team (with two people at first, I and the executive editor), I would like to see our magazine growing than the first magazine we had. Now it is not just me (associate editor) and the executive editor who will work with the different departments such as marketing, sales, logistics, business development and management, and of course the editorial, but we are now nine and still counting to work for the new magazine. For this I have a big decision to make. To stay or not to stay in editorial department. Since my foremost responsibility is the editorial I have to focus on it while doing the marketing on the side to keep our magazine in the market still it doesn't officially or authorize me to work fully to the said department and it seems that it nobody will work solely for the marketing and the management doesn't take it seriously--the marketing--when it fact it should also be in the circulation of the business, but may be because their focus are the product and sales. And after days of thinking whether I should leave my current position as the associate editor of the magazine, I finally open up my decision to our executive editor. Though it is also painful to leave my first love--editorial, I should think also that it is just the "term--leave," but really I am staying because of my first love, I want it to grow. And though I know I am not the key player in the editorial department, i feel like that each member of the team contributes which means I will be turning over my contribution to someone to not leave an empty seat for the whole team. And I will continue with another contribution for us to give full support to the company. And though it is not yet final if I will be handling the marketing department, I just hope that whatever happens we will be fulfilling our goal for the magazine: to provide inspiration to aspiring managers managers on business, lifestyle, and society since we know have ideas for the improvement of business and life.

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