to leave or not to leave...

6:53 PM

Thinking to shift to another career or job, may be it is not advisable yet in current economic status and but time and happiness suffer. Although there is no absolute happiness in this world and perhaps time too. No one could tell you exactly what makes you happy. Oh yes, there are many people around you, most especially your family, friends, and significant other, who would tell you what you could do and what you should not do. But there's no one to be blame with your decision except you. Why? Because you are a rational being. If you want to change your career for some reason, or let's say you are not happy anymore then decide for your own while getting the opinions of people you love and close to you and after that mark your final word and be responsible for it. For me there is no wrong decision, but your actions leading to the result are the ones which could be right or wrong.

So when you decide to think of leaving your current job or career, make sure your actions would be leading to the right result.

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