Are you really a manager?

4:35 PM

I just finished washing my clothes. Got not much on the laundry, but I was sidelined for two weeks so I have to [quite like] learn again how to wash fast. It took me three hours before I finally eat my merienda.

While doing the laundry something came into my mind, it was about being a leader or a manager.
Observing several managers, I notice that only few are potential leader. Not all of the managers don't feel like doing simple things like photocopying, dialing a number, doing appointments, printing documents, or things that they think are not anymore a work of their kind and blaming their subordinates for their lacks or setbacks just to cover up their mistake.
In my opinion, it is impossible to become a good manager [and be considered as a leader] if you don't know the basic things. I just thought that how can a manager reach his position if he doesn't know how to operate a simple machine. Being a manager is not always solving the complex problem or being in a complicated situation. A good manager with a potential of being a leader should know how to make complex problem simple enough to teach his or her subordinates on treating this complex problem as simple as addition but never underestimate it since the solution/answer should be correct. If the manager doesn't know how to do simple things how will he or she teach this to his or her subordinates. Needless to say, it is always nice to go back to the basic.

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