It is not just a job title--it is a name

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Why do we need job title? I started working thinking that I only have to do my responsibilities or tasks assigned to me and then on the 15th and 30th I would get paid. Of course, it is definitely and absolutely true. And I thought that job title only becomes part of my work, but it's the other way around. I became the part of every job title I have so far borrowed from every company I worked for.

At first I don't mind my job title. But I was wrong for not minding it because it tells my "personality" (job description) and "age" (duties and responsibilities/skills and capabilities) which means that job title served as a name in the company. Thus when I worked on a particular task, I felt like I was changing my name.
Company name is like the surname of each job title thus job title is your first name. We often say our "(real) name" and tell them our "job title" and the "company" we are working with. But sooner or later, our clients would forget your "(real) name" or who you are but will remember you with your "job title" or who should handle their concerns. We are often addressed to what is our "name" in the company when our internal or external clients needs something from us or they believe that it is "job title's" responsibility to carry out or solve certain things. And when we introduce ourselves to our clients we tell or site our position and the "surname" or the company we belong. And company, as we most of the time heard, needs a familial atmosphere. For this reason the "first name" is also based on hierarchy minding the "age." Meaning there are parents and children, friends as well. But it doesn't count their age like people but the weight of responsibilities. The rank-and-file or entry-level job title are the youngest of them all. They need guidance, care, understanding, and mentoring. And the mentor or coach is the oldest of them all--top management.
So when an employee is temporarily acquires the given name in the certain company he or she knows what is his or her personality in the company and the age of his or her work. But sometimes giving the right name to the employee seems like being ignored by some of the companies thus it seems that "name" is not yet at the right "age."
But think about this. When you can work different things at the same time and you are willing to work under different names but the company you are working with only baptist you with just one name surely you will just be yourself--your current job title. No matter how much you would like to grow you will still be called with the same name since you started with the company, you will still work the same tasks under your name even though your "age" has increased. So it is not just a job title--it is your name in the company.
Always remember we are just representing the company with the "job title" and we are not the owner of it for the rest of our lives. When we leave the job position or the company, any one could replace it but the job title and company name remain.

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