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8:38 PM

It's been a week, I think since I last featured my Blog of the Day in my Drop Drop Drop section and I truly apologize. The first time I sidelined from posting blog and get back, I have featured a blog site about the a "Retirement Transition Journal" and if you are going to visit the site, you will find his latest post, Slopping the Hogs. After a month, please welcome back in my Blog of the Day, "Retired and Restless".

May I also take this opportunity to list down my previous Blog of the Day. Have fun reading.

1. "Ask Me Why... Work From Home
2. "Write Right Now
3. "HRM Business Practices and Notes
4. "Drive All the Way to Success
5. "Exhange of Realities
6. "Lucent Dusk
7. "
8. "Requiem: A Dark Sci/Fi Fantasy
9. "Isker's Blog
10. "Your Dark Passenger
11. "FickleMinded-My Digiscrap
12. "Flitting on Fiction
13. "What's on My Mind Today

Have fun. Smile always.

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