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10:02 AM

Know him well with his blog. Featuring in my Blog of the Day "DedeAndro™.

On the side: I feel so sick, which made me absent from work. I need to rest since I got colds and coughs and then now fever. But I have to get in shape tomorrow. This coming weekends I'll be in out of town to explore one of my dream places to visit here in the Philippines.

Philippines has more interesting places to relax and satisfy your thirst and hunger in travelling. Believe me, there are lot of things to do. Despite the fact that the Philippines is still one of the developing countries, still it's one of the nice places to live and explore. Next week, I'll share with you why it is wonderful to be in the land of the Orient.

But for now, reading other blogs is nice thing to do. So don't forget DedeAndro™.

Know more people. Discover new places.

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When it's it must be an adviser or promoter. :)

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  1. broo.... gw g ngrti blog mu? gag ngerti ma inggris, hehehehe.... bls d fs aja y.....

  2. Hey, thanks for featuring my blog. This page has been bookmarked on my Delicious. Thank you!


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