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What is it Like Being Benjamin Button?

11:49 AM

Last December, I knew that Brad Pitt has new film. It was an interesting one, I thought so, but at that time it didn't get a great review or response from the audience. But despite of that, I still watched the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And I was wrong, it was not interesting, but rather "very" interesting.

Indeed, it drives my curiosity on why he was born like an old man and if he will going to die young in case he survives his childhood. I couldn't help but put myself into Benjamin Button's shoes. What is it like not playing around during childhood days. No hide and seek game, no running, no jumping rope to enjoy being young. How is it living backwards while the people around you moving forward. No one believes in your age except you and people who has witness your growth.

Brad Pitt truly portrays the role well and everybody, I presume, who will see the film would remember Benjamin Button in the story not Brad Pitt in the story, but of course they will give respectful and thumbs up credit to Brad.

The film is very heartwarming and will let your cry especially when Benjamin Button started to grow young. And how he dies.

I believe the film is not in cinemas anymore. It would be great to grab a copy, it is worth for your collection. And by the way, if you would like to know if he went to school during kindergarten, you can grab a copy of the book with the same title, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It P365.00 in the Philippine bookstore.

If you were Benjamin Button, what would you feel and how do want to spend your time on earth?

Share your thoughts in my comment box.

Watch movies. Enjoy the film.

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  1. You made me want to see Brad Pitt...err... The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

    He seems an interesting guy. Benjamin I mean. :)


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