The Patient - Part 5 of 16

8:50 PM

I still love him, but I am mad at him so what would I say. I want to find out the truth, but I hate to see him.

So what I did was: To hang up.

By the way, he is my ex-boyfriend who had just gone for five years. No phone calls or even letters. Actually I hanged up because I was speechless. And admittedly I miss him so much. Apparently, I've got no boyfriend, still single because of him.

To continue my story, my cell phone rang again, but I did not answer it. After his three attempts, I turned it off. It better to sleep than to talk to him, I convinced myself. I was also trying to think that it was just a prank call. Or it was a wrong number. Anyway, he did not mention my name, but rather he called me Honey. Anybody could be Honey of anyone for a prank caller or should I say cheater.

The next day, everything seemed normal. The calculator, computer, and pile of papers were still in their place. I found myself preparing the journals and ledgers and the never-ending computation of debit and credit. Everything used to be this way. But one thing was not usual: A bouquet of flower at my desk. It was the only kind of flower I ever like. It was a daisy.

And who have sent these flowers? I asked myself.

So I searched for the card and got the small pink card. There it was written:


I love you so much. Please forgive me. I'm sorry.


My heart wanted to stop beating. I was so cold and may be pale. I was oblivious. Was this a debit or a credit for my suffering? I could feel the whole weight of my body into my feet. I could not carry myself. It was too heavy. My heart lost its rhythm. My mind could no longer find any words to speak of or even to think of.

Yes, of course you want to know who Honey is. Well, well, as I have said, he is my boyfriend. I mean, he "was" my boyfriend. We had been together for two years, but we have to deal with long-distance relationship after that. He had to work abroad. His jobs called for travelling if necessary. Our plan was he would just save money and we would get married. But we never talked on having no communication. So to sum the years of our relationship it was two years and nine months. Nine months of being far from him and nine months that created a deep wound in my heart. The wound has never been superficial. It is deep that even mefenamic acid or antiseptic could not ease the pain and heal the wound.

So you know now a little of our story.

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