The Patient - Part 4 of 16

9:06 PM

Tuesday was approaching as I went to bed at that time. Monday was still usual start of my weekday life. It started from preparing from preparing for the office and ended with replying to e-mails. But with just an inch of a minute as the midnight broke, my everyday life has changed.

Even if it was dark in my room, the lamp shade gave enough bright light. And it was silent.

There was silent not until a ring broke it. I was half-awake as I reached for my cell phone at my side table. Someone is calling me at this time, I thought. And when I answered the call, I heard a voice of a man. His greeting was terribly sad, I could sense the weight of his loneliness. I thought he was a new patient.

"How are you?" he said that made me think he knew me. His voice was cracking.

I was wondering then I replied, "I'm okay," then cleared my throat. "May I know who's on the line?"

It took a minute before he responded. His voice was familiar, but I did not mind that. I knew that that familiar voice would not call me anymore. He just disappeared. He broke his promise that he would be back. No hellos or good byes from him. So why should I expect for him to call me?

I just waited for the other line to speak and there I heard he said, "I'm sorry."

When I heard those words from that man, I pulled myself up and was wide awake while still waiting for his next words. I knew it was him. But why? But I may be wrong. After five years, there he would call and said sorry. It was impossible. So I asked, "Who's this?"

"Honey, it's me? I'm really sorry. I missed you so much. I love you."

What could I say? I was very sure it was him.

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