Sinking Ship. Communicate Properly

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Who says that when a ship is sinking there's no way to save it? Apparently, the captain has less chances to save the sinking ship like what happened in Titanic last 1912 or the MV Princess of the Star sank in Romblon, Philippines last year (2008). But before the unexpected occurrence, surely there's a way to prevent it. Yes, to avoid a ship from sinking you must prevent the accident or disaster.

Check the ship system if it is working properly. See to it that all the passengers will have their safety gear in case of emergency (note just in case of emergency). Plan ahead and the captain should assume responsibility in taking the ship on shore.

And communicate with the team as well as with the passengers. Why? Communication makes everybody aware of the dos and the don'ts in the ship. They would really feel that they are part of the ship. Do communicate properly. Do it before, during, and after the voyage.

In this case you will have a smooth sailing. :)

Like in a relationship, before it rocks, see to it that you communicate... properly.

Communicate Properly. Be responsible.

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