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Since last February, I once again start reading books and I love it. Although I haven’t finished reading Da Vinci Code yet (may be because I am more into love stories considering my current state of emotion), I still want new addition to my so-called book collection. I love seeing books piling beside me when I’m going to sleep. Yes, my books are not in the shelf, they are on my bed. Well, I just have a few lying at the side of my bed, so I still have enough room to move myself from time to time while sleeping.

The first book I’ve finished reading since I get back into being a, uhm, what do I call myself, or should I just say being in a state of curiosity, was Just One Day by Gayle Foreman. It is a nice book, although it’s about searching for the answer why Willem leaves Allyson after the night of what they call “happy night”, some parts of it will make you realize things or events in your life. It’s also about chasing your dreams, starting to write down your bucket list while you are still young, and most of all, for me, it can be about not jumping into conclusion.

I believe I owe you all an answer to why Blake breaks up with Lucy in The Time of My Life. Blake is a man who seems to me hunger for fame, and if I were to analyse, he also might be like of those men who always want to look to the other side of the fence or what some call it Grass is Greener Syndrome. Haha! Life (or Cosmo Brown) does not give up on Lucy in finding her way back to life. Honestly, I want Life and Lucy to end up together in the story; however, the “love team” there is Lucy and Don. I just feel, while reading, Life and Lucy has this chemistry that makes me keen on reading the story and yes, I have this fuzzy feeling when they argue, are having a casual talk, or are bonding. I just wish they’re the ones who end up together. But then I find out that Life has a girlfriend, so it’s a definitely a BIG no-no for them. I don’t want Life to leave his girlfriend. Okay, I’m not affected I am just telling my opinion. Haha! Oh, by the way, Lucy has finally set herself free of lies (because of Life's advice and guidance, of course) on her birthday. She invited her friends and family to come by telling them that she has something to reveal. Surprisingly, uninvited Blake arrives with Jenna (the girl Lucy's suspects why Blake left her) to actually stop Lucy from telling that he is the one who calls their relationship off. Fortunately, he doesn't succeed, it is Lucy's turn to speak up. Of course, you know who ends up together.

Okay, now I am currently reading The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. I hope I could read it tomorrow while travelling. I actually like the cover of the book -- the red and grey shade -- it’s really pleasant to look at. Anyways, I can’t tell anything yet aside from the story Hadley meets Oliver in the airport and both of them miss their flights to London. Both of them will be going to wedding.

After reading it, next in queue is Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman. I am really, really curious with this book. It’s a hard bound and it has drawings, which I find interesting and it inspires me to go back to sketching, yes only sketching.

The latest book so far in my queue is The Introvert's Way. I don't have yet any details but I am pretty sure it will explain why some people love to be alone not because they are shy, but rather they just love being alone.

I am targeting The Happiness Project and The Fault in Our Stars. I will read more reviews about these two books, but anyway, I think I am going to buy and read them anyway regardless of what others say.

Two of my goals for this year, and hopefully for the coming years, are to purchase at least 2 books every month and finish a book or 2 in a month. So, let’s see if I can make it. Wish me luck.

“Wish Wish Wish” as I also say when wishing myself and others a good luck.

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