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Rick and Daryl, The Walking Dead

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After watching the season finale episode of TV series The Walking Dead, I am still thinking whether Andrea (Lauren Holden) is really dead. Prior to the Season 3 of the series, a question popped up into my head: Is there any character who has been bitten by walkers turned into a walker as well even though s/he isn’t dead yet? I just wonder why some characters bitten by walkers have to be killed. Maybe, just maybe, the wounds couldn’t be cured. So, Herschel is lucky then to have his limb cut so he wouldn’t turn into a walker. But everybody’s already infected with this virus. Hmm …

I am aware that Andrea’s character isn’t what other viewers' like; she is actually hated by some of the viewers because of her actions and decisions. I am guilty of this. But when I saw the wound on her shoulder, I just hope she would stay in the series. Even Merle, despite his devilish character but we know he has the good side, it would still nice to have him in the next season. Why? Daryl loves him. It melted my heart when I saw him crying. Okay, I’m biased.

Who wouldn’t love Rick and Daryl? I definitely love them both, especially Norman Reedus and his character as Daryl. Okay, that crossbow, that smile of him, that lovely voice, and that tantalizing eyes are the things most of his fans love about him. With Rick, it’s his character and the way he handles things, but for me it’s his soft voice, serious face, and yes, good character.

 I started to get hook with this TV series, after it was introduced to us by a friend, when I found the episode 1 interesting. I felt at that time that show would going to have a great plot and more zombies, and yes, I am not disappointed with the plot. Some episodes had more conversation than action but I guess sometimes zombies need a break. Haha!


 Anyways, I can’t wait for the Season 4 to come. It’s going to be long countdown.

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