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Just hours away and the month of May is approaching. Got surprised that the 5th month of the year has occasions to celebrate with.

Viva Burritos! It was shouted on May 5, 1862 in Mexico when Mexicans finally raised their flag as a sign of victory. But May is Burrito Appreciation Month blog is not about history. This means you will not only visit this blog every month of May but enjoy reading about Tacos, Doritos, and Burritos all year round.

Have you heard about National Renewal Energy Month? This was announced last April 9 at PRLog. This is a call for celebration for clean air and encourage America to "invest, drive, and produce clean energy," according to the press release. But wait, there is more to celebrate in America. May is the month for Foster Care. Ettie Lee and U Dignity has partnered as part of celebration of this Foster Care Month.

For business-minded people, you might already heard about May - A Month for Gold. Although this may not sound as annual celebration, let's include on our list for this year. You can also read Optionetics Commentary about this.

Also in United States of America, there is also what they call National Mental Health Awareness observed every May. (But I can't find any blog post about this except for Mental Health Blog.)

It's 25th anniversary of Pixar on May with celebration on the 13th to 15th at Epcot. You can also see the full details on Duckman's Blog.

In the Philippines, there are number of holidays: Labor Day (May 1), National Heritage Month, Binatbatan Festival (Vigan, May 1-8).

There may be other celebration for the month of May whether special or not, but let's make every day a celebration for happy life.

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