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Welcome back! Yes, I am welcoming myself, hehe! Before I get back on blog or web (etc.) promotion, I would like to say thank for those who constantly dropping by here. I truly appreciate your visits even though I was on vacation.

I would like to introduce them to you and visit their sites to read and comment their posts or entries (and click on the ads available on their sites if you like to).

Top 1If you would like to know about Japan, Cafe Japan can help you. This blog shares about the "people, culture, history, and traditions" of Japan. You might be interested in reading its latest post, Surrendering Ojuzo Beads posted on May 26, 2011.

Top 2Let's go to the Philippines. The Land of the Pearl Orient has 7, 107 islands, which truly add to the beauty of the country. Philippines Travel Blog brings you to various places you must visit especially the beaches. It has travel tips useful in going around the country.

Top 3If you enjoy reading blogs and technology, then include Third World Geek in your follow list. It has news about various technology services and products as well as in sports, gaming, and anime and manga. You might also want to hear (or should I say read) his rants relating to technology.

Top 4Sports is what Pinoy Sports Fan focus. You might just confuse that the blogsite is about boxing and the title is The Destroyer in his Entrecard widget. But when you visit the site, you can read various sports news. There is also a page solely for pound for pound [boxing] king (Congressman) Manny Pacquiao fans and Philippine soccer team Azkals. You will also read about cricket, football, mix martial arts, tennis, and other boxing news.

Top 5Top 6As the blog title suggests, Patsy's Word of Wisdom is venue for sharing thoughts for Patsy. She shares poems, stories, and words she hopes will inspire others. Photos are taken by Patricia Sawyer. You may also visit her site Patsy's Photos and see the picture of simple living.

Top 7Aspiring writers or people who think they could write, be inspired with Confessions on Wannabe Writer as he takes his thoughts and writes stories and never stops writing. Read his novel and see more of his stories.

Top 8It may be about his life, but John Sealander will take you to his stories on success, joys, and frustrations. You may also read on awards he received, arts, communication, and the Sealander & Company. Read more all about these things in Some Assembly Required.

Top 9Hola! Vamos to Spain. Hablo Espanol a poco. Anyway, rather than learning only Spanish language better explore the country of Spain by reading Madrid International. Yes, it is not only blog on Madrid but the whole Spain. Learn where to go and what to do when thinking on visiting the country.

Top 10Let's talk about finances when you visit JoeTaxpayer. It is his personal finance blog that tackles investments, taxes, debts, and retirement. You might want to visit this site and examine your own finance.

There are my Top 10 Entrecard droppers who always find time to drop by not only on my blogs but to others' sites too. Again, thank you for taking time visiting Every-Witchy Way. Till the next visit. You may find their rank at the right sidebar.


During my vacation period on blogging, I was busy writing articles on travel, health, sports adventure, and arts. You might also take time to read these articles if you have time. Feel free to like, tweet, and share the links to your friends and colleagues.

Airlines to Bali is about various air carriers fly to Bali, Indonesia. Night Eating Syndrome will help you understand your eating pattern. Mountain Bike Training is more on road and off-road biking as preparation to big event or actual mountain bike race. Prepare a Balance Sheet focuses on company financial position, but also helpful for personal finance. Origami Art is yet to be published.

I recently created my Facebook [Prudence Charlz Connects] account solely for my fellow bloggers and Entrecarders, please add me up where you can easily share your links and posts where I could follow and like. It will be easier to chat with you, too. You may also follow my tweets on Twitter.

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