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Promotion is Getting Better and Better

1:08 PM

Hello there! Please spare me this space for another promotion blog post.

How do you find my blog's new look? I haven't polished all yet, but in the coming days everything will look good and seem normal (hehe!). Hope you've also seen my new Entrecard design. I am quite in the mood of "redecorating" my site along with my news site Prudence Charlz (which is still under construction).

Prudence Charlz news site will once again undergo transformation. The contents will be more different that my first two formats. Please support my news site once I launch it next month. Thank you. If your media or press release needs to be published online, please feel free to send me a message.

Going back to Every-witchy Way, I believe you have noticed that I've also changed my Entrecard image (courtesy of my loved one). It is much better than the old one, isn't it? But for those who haven't seen or remembered the newly design image you will click on Entrecard, have the glimpse.

Hope you will still join me with this transformation and expect Every-witchy Way continues featuring and promoting various Web and Blog sites and other topics.

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Thank you for your comments! Have a nice day!

Keep visiting Every-Witchy Way.

Prudence Charlz

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