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The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale, I was shocked

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I watched the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead only after two weeks it was shown (and I know this post is way too late but still give it a shot). I avoided spoilers, but of course how could I when this famous TV series is a talk of the town? It was like everywhere I browse, everybody was talking about the last episode of the season.

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Honestly, I've never been affected by spoilers. Yes, I’m good at acting like I don’t want to read and to hear things about the books, movies, and TV series I want to read and watch. Hahaha, Weird.I.Am. Well, actually, for me it’s not weird. The real reason why it’s all right with me if people around me share with each other the scenes, particularly their favorite ones, is because it drives my curiosity. It makes me crave to watch it right there and then and see if everything I hear is true or if they are just teasing me or if they truly understand what they've watched. Oh, not that I doubt their comprehension skill, what I mean is that if we have the same understanding because most of the time one viewer has different interpretation of the scene from the other.

Like in The Walking Dead, viewers share their point of view on what happen in that scene where our Rick Grimes had to do what he had to do. It was shocking ever! My nephew for seconds thought Rick turned into walker until he saw our Sheriff attacking the attackers. Okay, honestly, I've never read that Rick (wait, I don’t wish to spoil anything here, so for those who haven’t seen it please stop reading unless you’re like me then feel free to continue from here) … Going back to what I’m saying I've never read that Rick would bite that leader of the gang just to save Carl, Daryl, and Michonne. I just heard that Rick pushes to his limit and that the episode will shock the TWD fans. That was when the episode hasn't played yet. So, when the season has finally come to the end I've read that Carl was about to get raped that’s why Rick did that. As soon as I've read those words, here what goes in my head, “I have to watch it. I have to watch it now.” Unfortunately, I couldn't because I was at the office and I was too tired to watch when I got home.

I know no Beth in the episode. Carol and Tyreese, and of course Judith, were not in the scene. Those things make us think how the first episode for the next season will start. Is Beth safe? Will Carol and Tyreese the saviors of the team? How will Rick and the rest escape from the cargo trailer? The big question, I guess is: What is Terminus? Yes, so many questions are in my mind but then I have to wait for 6 months before I can have the answers.

For TWD fans like me, let’s just get ourselves busy and letting the days pass by to not feel our yearning to see The Walking Dead Season 5. Cheers to us!

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